By Giuseppe Acito

Toa Mata Band is back!

Hi everybody,finaly the robot band is back and for the first time they perform live!
My target after the Episode1, was to put together eight robots but It was hard to find more motors and other Lego parts because they are discontinued from a long time.
In this video some various drum-synth and glockenspiel keys are played by each robot and I’m jam together them.
The performance was recorded live in four takes in early May 2013, and after edited and mixed in studio. This time, the MIDI sequences are driven by Ableton Live and still controlled by Arduino Uno.

The gear used in this performance are: Coron DS-8 Drum Synth, M.P.C – The Clap, Amdek PCK 100, Boss PC-2, Korg Kaossilator, Korg R3, Alesis Philtre.

If you enjoy, you can free download the extended version of the soundtrack at Facebook page
…or in the previous post

Some pictures here:

Soundcloud :

For more info don’t esitate to contact me!

Giuseppe Acito


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